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In our journey, we’ve come to understand that staffing can present a complex and demanding challenge for every hospital. The quest for the perfect healthcare professional for an urgent shift, coupled with the assurance of their timely arrival, can indeed prove to be a resource-intensive and financially burdensome endeavor. However, our story at Go RN revolves around an unwavering commitment to simplify and streamline this process. Through our seamless and hassle-free staffing solution, we have successfully alleviated the time and financial strains associated with nurse registration for shifts.

What Is Go RN

In the realm of healthcare technology, staffing can pose as a complex and demanding endeavor for hospitals. The task of identifying suitable healthcare professionals for emergency shifts and guaranteeing their punctual presence can consume significant time and financial resources. However, with Go RN’s streamlined and frictionless staffing solution, this process is remarkably optimized, resulting in substantial reductions in both time and costs required to onboard nurses for shifts.


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Healthcare Workforce Solution

Women Making a Difference in Solving America’s Staffing Crisis


Ensuring optimal staffing for healthcare facilities and securing the ideal nursing job can pose significant challenges. If you’re facing these challenges, Go RN is here to provide a solution.

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At Go RN, we are proud to have received the following awards and recognition for our commitment to excellence in the nursing industry.

  • 2021 City of Los Angeles Certificate of Recognition: Managed emergency response care during the 2019 global pandemic through a partnership with the City and County of Los Angeles.
  • 2022 Nominee for OCBJ Innovator of the Year: Recognized for leadership, vision, and cutting edge technology product
  • 2022 Nominee for OCBJ Women in Business Award: Selected as the Top 5 for leadership, empowerment, and innovative business product and service.
  • 2023 Nominee for OCBJ Entrepreneur of the Year: Recognized for leadership, vision, and cutting edge technology product

Our team strives to deliver the highest quality services and it is an honor to have our efforts recognized by industry leaders.

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What is Go RN?

We are a company formed by nursing, healthcare, and technology professionals who are constantly looking for ways to improve the healthcare system. We have developed an enterprise solutions platform coupled with a mobile application that greatly streamlines and simplifies on-demand scheduling for healthcare professionals and facilities. Learn more about us

What are the benefits to using Go RN?

For facilities, Go RN offers benefits unmatched with any other registry:

  • Instantly schedule available staff. Significantly reduced wait time for registries to fulfill staffing requests. Log in and schedule staff instantly!
  • Master book your healthcare providers up to 4 months in advance, allowing for continuity of care.
  • Keep track of staffing costs and manage invoices via our finance tool.
  • Instantly view and leave feedback for registry personnel actively working at your facility.
  • Lower fees for registry personnel per shift.
What kind of support can I expect with Go RN?

We offer 24/7 customer support via email, phone, and live chat. Additionally, our online resources, such as the knowledge base, video tutorials, and user forums, are available for self-service support.

Which platforms does Go RN support?

Go RN supports all Modern Browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Does Go RN integrate with other software?

We offer an open API that allows integration with 3rd party systems.