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We are a company formed by nursing, healthcare, and technology professionals, working round the clock to improve the healthcare system.

Staffing can be a demanding and challenging mission for any hospital. Finding the right healthcare professional for an emergency shift and ensuring their arrival in time for each shift can be a time consuming and financially exhausting task. Go RN seamless and trouble-free/unproblematic staffing solution significantly reduces the time and cost to get nurses registered for the shifts.

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Better for Nurses, Better for Hospitals
Go RN is committed to connecting healthcare facilities and highly competent medical professionals through innovative technology solutions.



Walk with Purpose
Passion + teamwork + integrity + innovation + continuous improvement = an unbeatable team.

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Vanessa Benavides, RN

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Vanessa, CEO and RN, has 20+ years in healthcare, technology, and entrepreneurship. Her multi-disciplinary background led to the founding of Go RN to solve industry problems with technology. Vanessa’s strength lies in her creative vision for solution finding, keen understanding for “the future of employment”, and her strong ability to lead.

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Jenny Estevez, RN

Chief Operating Officer

Jenny is an RN with over 15 years of experience of a career centered around staffing and recruiting, leading teams and developing strategies to create efficiencies within workforce management. Her knowledge, expertise, and operational prowess shape the culture and operational strategy at Go RN.

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Dan Faiman

Chief Technology Officer

Dan has 20 years in technical development and executive tech leadership for companies in B2B, SaaS, and D2C. Early in his career, he founded a staffing company, FilmUp, that was acquired in 2009. He brings a wealth of knowledge in the design architecture, process, and Go RN platform development logistics.

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Johnny Benavides

Chief Technology Administration Officer

Johnny’s various career endeavors have focused on a deep understanding of people and product. His background in education and behavioral science has positioned him exceptionally well in developing our technology from a user experience ensuring our technology is simple for adoption and implementation.  Johnny holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies and education from California State University, Fullerton.

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Billy Trinh

Chief Information Officer

Billy is a tech enthusiast who loves to tinker with various systems. He enjoys finding ways to solve problems with technology. At Go RN, Billy leads our internal technology operations and ensures security, transparency, quality, and efficiency are addressed in all we do and use across all business operations.

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Leslie Simmons

Chief Training & Implementation Officer

Leslie’s career is centered around teaching, training, and implementing technology solutions to support her objectives. She brings a wealth of experience designing learning solutions in order to meet the needs of each client. Leslie holds a B.A. in Psychology, M.S. in Educational Technology from California State University, Fullerton and currently working on E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate from University of California, Irvine.

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Alejandra Pinedo, RN

Chief Nursing Informatics Officer

Alejandra has been an RN since 2006 with surgical and cardiac patients. Her high level of patient care is evident in the numerous accolades she has received by both peers and patients. Additionally, her passion has been in the integration of technology solutions to optimize patient care and hospital administration, thus her instrumental role bridging care and technology at Go RN.

Jacob Benavides

Chief Support Officer

After serving in the United States Marine Corps, Jacob has leveraged his leadership, tenacity, and decisiveness to excel in developing business and leading teams across multiple industries. At GO RN, Jacob focuses his attention on developing partnerships for growth.

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Gretta Boyd, RN

Account Manager/Nurse Training Specialist

Greta has been a nurse since 1998 working her way up from CNA, MA, to RN working in many units including ER. As a former Charge Nurse, she’s well adept in leading teams, managing operations, and ensuring high quality patient care through various tech solutions. Her role at Go RN is key in ensuring highly trained nurses can adapt to the various facility requirements.

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Christina Chironna

Brand Strategist

Christina has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of digital media, known for her expertise in amplifying social media presence, creating authentic content, and forging meaningful connections. She has demonstrated an exceptional ability to scale digital platforms, evidenced by her transformative work across various industries from film to automotive to technology. Christina has expanded social footprints from zero to millions of followers, creating vibrant, interconnected communities within each brand.

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Allison Mendoza, RN

Chief Nursing Officer, Sr. Account Manager

Allison has been an RN since 2005 working with high risk patients and was a relief Charge Nurse in Labor & Delivery units. Allison’s ability to remain calm, focused, and lead teams in complex situations is the reason Go RN has been able to retain quality clinicians and scale our growth since founding.




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