How Technology is Changing the Nursing Industry in 2022

Nursing has always been a profession in high demand, and the role of registered nurses has continually evolved to meet the needs of patients. With the increasing use of technology in healthcare, registered nurses are now playing a more strategic role in patient care. Nurses are now using technology to communicate with other medical professionals, order supplies, and even diagnose patients. This change allows nurses to focus on more critical tasks, such as providing personal care to patients.

Technology in the Nursing Profession

Registered nurses are using technology in a variety of ways in the workplace. Some examples include using technology to monitor patients, document care, and communicate with other medical professionals. Nurses are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to record patient information. This allows quick and easy access to patient data anywhere there is an internet connection.

Nurses can also use technology to collaborate with other healthcare professionals. For example, they can review a patient’s medical history or discuss treatment plans with doctors or pharmacists. Technology has also made it easier for nurses to track their progress and performance. This helps them identify areas where they may need additional training or development. Overall, technology has positively impacted the nursing profession by making it easier for nurses to provide quality care to patients.

Impact of Technology on Nurses

Positive Impact of Technology: The field of nursing has significantly benefited from technology in recent years. In particular, several technological tools can now help nurses more effectively care for their patients. For example, electronic health records (EHRs) allow nurses to track patient health information electronically, making it easier to coordinate care.

Additionally, telehealth and telemedicine can enable nurses to provide care to patients remotely, which can be especially beneficial in rural areas. Moreover, mobile technologies can help nurses stay connected with their patients even when not at the hospital. Overall, the use of technology in nursing has helped improve the quality and efficiency of patient care.

Negative Impact of Technology: Technology has had a significant impact on the nursing field. While technology has many advantages, there are also some disadvantages to using technology in nursing. One drawback is that nurses can become reliant on technology. Nurses can become so dependent upon technology that they lose sight of the patients and their needs.

Another disadvantage is that nurses can become overworked if required to use technology. Nurses may need extra time completing paperwork or entering data into a computer system at home. Finally, technology can be expensive, and nurses may need to purchase new equipment or software to keep up with the latest trends.

Trends in Nurse Technology

The nursing field has been revolutionized by technology in recent years. From telemedicine to intelligent devices, nurses are using technology in new and innovative ways to improve patient care. Here are some of the biggest trends in nurse technology:

  1. Telemedicine is Growing in Popularity

Telemedicine is a technology that allows for the delivery of health care services and information via telecommunications. It has been growing in popularity in recent years, as it offers many benefits to both patients and nurses.

Some of the benefits of telemedicine include improved access to care, increased patient satisfaction, and cost savings. Patients can receive care from specialists who may be located far away, without having to travel. This can be especially helpful for those who live in rural areas or who have limited mobility.

Nurses also benefit from telemedicine. They can use it to consult with experts about difficult cases, learn new techniques, and get training in new equipment. Telemedicine also allows nurses to provide more comprehensive care to their patients by providing remote monitoring and support.

  1. Smart Devices are Becoming more Common in Hospitals

Smart devices allow nurses to access patient data from anywhere in the hospital. Nurses can use smart devices to track patients’ vital signs, medication usage, and other important health information. This allows nurses to monitor patients’ health closely and identify potential problems early on.

  1. Robotics is Increasingly Used in Nursing Care

Robotics is increasingly used in nursing care. Robotics has the potential to make nursing care more efficient and effective. This technology can help nurses with a variety of tasks, from lifting patients to dispensing medication. Robots can be used for tasks such as delivering supplies or providing physical support to patients. Robotics can also help nurses communicate with patients and their families.


In conclusion, technology has significantly impacted registered nurses and the nursing field. While some argue that technology has negatively impacted nursing, there is no doubt that it has changed the profession for the better. Registered nurses can now utilize technology to provide better care for their patients. Additionally, technology has allowed nurses to communicate and collaborate more effectively. As a result, the nursing field is now more efficient and effective than ever before.