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What is Go RN?

We are a company formed by nursing, healthcare, and technology professionals who are constantly looking for ways to improve the healthcare system. We have developed an enterprise solutions platform coupled with a mobile application that greatly streamlines and simplifies on-demand scheduling for healthcare professionals and facilities.

What are the benefits to using Go RN?

For healthcare providers (RN’s, LVN’s, CNA’s, Patient Care Technicians, and Safety Attendants) Go RN offers benefits not offered with any other registry:

  • Schedule yourself when YOU want to work. You pick your availability and shift(s) you would like to work.
  • Enjoy a higher pay than your average registry.
  • Choose your facility type and location, with additional facilities added constantly.
  • Sound interesting? We encourage you to apply today!

For facilities, Go RN offers benefits unmatched with any other registry:

  • Instantly schedule available staff. Significantly reduced wait time for registries to fulfill staffing requests. Log in and schedule staff instantly!
  • Master book your healthcare providers up to 4 months in advance, allowing for continuity of care.
  • Keep track of staffing costs and manage invoices via our finance tool.
  • Instantly view and leave feedback for registry personnel actively working at your facility.
  • Lower fees for registry personnel per shift.
How do I download the app?

Search for “Go RN” on your app store for Apple and Android devices. Install the app using your app store.

Which platforms does Go RN support?

Go RN supports all Modern Browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Is there a free trial available for Go RN?

Anything is possible

How does Go RN ensure data security?

We use the industry standard encryption. All data are encrypted by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit key.

Can I customize Go RN to fit my business needs?

Absolutely, the Go RN Technology is configurable to your business needs

Does Go RN integrate with other software?

We offer an open API that allows integration with 3rd party systems.

How is Go RN priced?

We offer many price model to suit your business needs. Please schedule a demo to learn more.

What kind of support can I expect with Go RN?

24/7 Support via Email, Phone, and SMS

How often does Go RN release updates?

We are constantly improving our platform and releases are broken into 3 categories: Major are every 6 months, Minor are every 3 months, and Patches are as needed.

What training resources are available for Go RN?

We understand the importance of training and how it could dramatically improve productivity and performance. To ensure that, we offer extensive training in person and/or virtually as well as self-guided training through our knowledge base.

How can I provide feedback or suggest a feature for Go RN?

To provide feedback and/or suggest a new feature for Go RN, you can contact our support desk at


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