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What is Go RN?

We are a company formed by nursing, healthcare, and technology professionals who are constantly looking for ways to improve the healthcare system. We have developed an enterprise solutions platform coupled with a mobile application that greatly streamlines and simplifies on-demand scheduling for healthcare professionals and facilities.

What are the benefits to using Go RN?

For healthcare providers (RN’s, LVN’s, CNA’s, Patient Care Technicians, and Safety Attendants) Go RN offers benefits not offered with any other registry:

  • Schedule yourself when YOU want to work. You pick your availability and shift(s) you would like to work.
  • Enjoy a higher pay than your average registry.
  • Choose your facility type and location, with additional facilities added constantly.
  • Sound interesting? We encourage you to apply today!

For facilities, Go RN offers benefits unmatched with any other registry:

  • Instantly schedule available staff. Significantly reduced wait time for registries to fulfill staffing requests. Log in and schedule staff instantly!
  • Master book your healthcare providers up to 4 months in advance, allowing for continuity of care.
  • Keep track of staffing costs and manage invoices via our finance tool.
  • Instantly view and leave feedback for registry personnel actively working at your facility.
  • Lower fees for registry personnel per shift.
I am a Healthcare Professional. How do I apply to work with Go RN?

You can start the application process on our website at and click “Apply Now”. Please provide us your name, phone number, and email address at a minimum. To be fully considered for hire, we will need the following information to complete your application:

  • Proof of eligibility to work in the United States
  • Educational History
  • Work History
  • Qualifications for the position you are applying for, including copies of applicable licenses and certifications.
  • Physical/Health Clearance

A Go RN recruiter can explain the application process in more detail. Please contact us for more information regarding the application process.

What is the application process like?

A Go RN recruiter can explain the application process in more detail. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information regarding the application process.

How do I download the app?

Search for “Go RN” on your app store for Apple and Android devices. Install the app using your app store.

How will I know when I am cleared to schedule myself to work?

After successful completion of the application process, you will receive an email from Go RN stating you are cleared to schedule yourself for shifts. If you try to schedule yourself before you are cleared, the app will let you know that your application is still under review. During the application process, you can always contact the Go RN office to check your application status.

Is making myself available for a shift actually scheduling me to work that shift?

No. Setting your availability lets the facility know you are available to work that shift, but you will not actually work that shift until the facility selects you, and you confirm the shift. You will receive a phone call and a notification in the app when you are selected to work. Do not report to shifts where you have marked yourself available but have not been scheduled or received a notification that you are scheduled. You must confirm the notification in order to verify you will be working that shift.

Note: Typical scheduling occurs 2-4 hours prior to the beginning of each shift. Please be available to answer the scheduling call and confirm your shift.

Can I make myself available as much as I want?

Yes! The beauty of the Go RN solution is you can schedule yourself available to work when you want, where you want, and as many shifts as you would like. However, our system will not allow you to work consecutive 12-hour shifts without a break in between. You can schedule yourself for only days, only nights, only certain days, however you would like, up to 4 months in advance. Keep in mind the more shifts you schedule yourself as available, the more likely you are to be scheduled for upcoming facility vacancies.


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