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healthcare proffesionals

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    healthcare proffesionals
    Lagretta Roberts,

    The app is really helpful. Knowing your schedule is always helpful. The ability to monitor availability and completed shifts. The ability for directions always comes in handy when directing is needed.



    healthcare proffesionals
    Jennifer Alcantar,

    Probably one of the more convenient and user friendly apps I’ve worked with for registry. I like that it reminds me to punch back in from break. I also like that it punches me out from my shift, one less thing to worry about. I like the automated confirmation text for my shift so I don’t stress if I’m going to be cancelled at the last minute.


    healthcare proffesionals
    Jonathan Sun,

    I appreciate the app for the consistency and the low interface overload causing crashes which most apps have at times.



    Go RN Ed

    Monthly awareness webinars

    Offer a library of courses for continuing education for nurses, certificate programs, opportunities for conferences, links to scholarships for assistance in education (check out intelycare)

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